FITZROY Pillow Talk + Pillow Walk

Fitzroy, Victoria, 2007 Melboune Fringe Festival

Collaboration with SueAnne Ware, Cassie Lucas, Bridget Keane

This project in Smith Street Fitzroy involved the installation of a series of decorated pillows to benches and public furniture that are used by many people, from higher income earners to the homeless. The project, produced for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, was concerned with making things apparent in our daily lives which are consciously or unconsciously edited out of existence –including people – privileging use of public space to suit dominant political and social paradigms. Each pillow had unique images and text drawing attention to specific site elements (trees, businesses) that one might otherwise not notice. Installed as interactive public art, the pillows, unlike cushions usually associated with intimate personal use, also questioned the notion of art and its intended audience.