Curriculum Vitae SueAnne Ware, Professor, PhD

 A d d r e s s                                                                                                     

The University of Newcastle

School of Architecture and Built Environment

Callaghan, NSW 2308

Telephone: +612 4921 5865 Cell: 0407496420      

 E d u c a t i o n                                                                                                            

2005                            RMIT University, PhD

1993                            University of California at Berkeley, MLA

1989                            Colorado State University, BSLA

 A c a d e m i c   E x p e r i e n c e                                                                                            

2015 – currently         Head of School, University of Newcastle, Australia

2014                            Visiting Professor and Research Fellow at ETSAB (Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC) and ENSP –V

                                    (Ecole Nationale Superieure de Paysage – Versailles)

2006 - 2014                RMIT School of Architecture and Design, Deputy Dean, Research & Innovation

2011 – currently          Visiting Professor, KU Leuven (Deliver 5 theoretically framing lectures in an introduction to LA course)

2010 – currently         Adjunct Professor, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ

2011                             Professor of Landscape Architecture, Discipline Head

2007-  2010                Program Leader, Urban Livability, The Design Research Institute

2005                           Visiting Professor at The University of New Mexico

2004 –2007               Co-ordinator, Post Graduate Program, Landscape Architecture, RMIT University

1999 – 2003               Program Director- Landscape Architecture, RMIT University

1993 - 1997                 Assistant Professor - LA, North Carolina A&T State University

1995 - 1997                 Adjunct Professor - LA, North Carolina State University

 D e s i g n R e s e a r c h,   P u b l i c a t i o n s,  B u i l t  W o r k s&   E x h i b i t i o n s                

 Design Research Scholarship

2016                ‘Knowingly Unfinished: Exploiting the Temporality of Landscapes’ in Frank, K (ed)AD Architecture Timed: Designing With Time in Mind ( Forthcoming Jan/Feb 2016)

2015                ‘Slippage and In-Betweeness: Mastering RMIT’s City Campus’ (forthcoming book chapter) in Ward, M (ed) Changing Places: Peter Elliott Architecture and the RMIT Urban Spaces Project URO Media, Melbourne.

2015                ‘Implicit, Tacit and Ineffable: Communicating Design Practice Research’ (forthcoming book chapter) in Sequeira, J (ed) Design Research in Architecture Ashgate, London.

          2015                ‘Memorial Camels and Design by Committee: St Andrews Black Saturday Memorials’ Landscape Review volume 15, (2) pp .43-58.

2015                ‘Disruptive Innovation in the Anthropocene Age: A Call for the Re-Invention of Landscape Formalism’ Landscape Architecture China issue 118, vol 4 pp.82-85.

2014                van Schaik, Leon and Ware, SueAnne The Practice of Spatial Thinking: Differentiation Processes (book) onepointsixone, Melbourne.

2013                Ware, SueAnne and Lee, Gini (eds ) Making Sense of Landscape: The Practice of Taylor Culity & Lethlean,(book) Spacemaker Press, NY

2013                'Parables in an activist practice',  (book chapter) in Jonas, M & Monacella, R (eds) Exposure: in Design Research Practice in Landscape Architecture’ Melbourne Books, Melbourne, Australia pp. 100-116.

2013               ‘On Site, Place and Specificity', (book chapter) in Bruhn, C. (ed) Multitudes: Hassell Studios 1938 – 2013, URO Media, Melbourne, pp. 93-144.

2013               'Border memorials: When the local rejects the global', in Greirson, E & Sharp, K (eds)Re-Imagining the City: Art, Globalization, and Urban Spaces, Intellect Books, Bristol, United Kingdom, pp. 71-87.

2012               Zakariya, K. Ware, S. and Helsel, S. 2012, 'Choreographing the everyday feast: accommodating Malaysian temporary markets in a changing context', in Spaces and

                                  Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, Common Ground Publisher, United States, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 239-260.

2011                Ware, SueAnne and Raxworthy, Julian, Sunburnt: Australian Practices of Landscape Architecture, (book) Sun Architectural Publishing, Amsterdam.

2010                Ware, SA and Hudson, C. ‘Death in Borneo: Australian National Identity, War and the Transnational Imagination.’ ACCESS: Critical Perspectives on Communication, Cultural & Policy Studies, volume 29 (1) pp.55-69.

2009                ‘The Siev X Memorial’ in C van Uffelen (ed) 1000X Landscape Architecture, Verlagshaus Braun, Berlin, Germany pp. 426 – 444.

2009                ‘Australia- So Where the Bloody Hell are you?’ (catalogue essay) in J Raxworthy & SA Ware (eds) Sunburnt: Australian Practices of Landscape Architecture, Kingswood Press, Melbourne, Australia.

2009                ‘Border Memorials: Design Activism and Contemporary Anti-memorials’ Art and Urbanism Symposia, DRI Interventions through Art, RMIT August 2009.

2009                ‘Chongqing’s Spaces of Memory and Forgetting’ 60 Years of the People’s Republic: Transformations and Challenges Conference, Melbourne University, pp 112-140.

2008                ‘The Road-as-Shrine - Churchill, Victoria Australia’ (book chapter) in R Zhang (ed), New Awarded Landscape Design in the World I, Dalian University of Technology Press, Dalian, China pp. 127 - 145.

2008                ‘The Art of Forgetting,’ Revelation: Installation art and its capacity to interpret and elaborate places ofhistorical significance Conference, Hobart, Tasmania, on line at

2008                ‘Design Activism and the Contested Terrains of Memorials,’ South African Journal of Art History, volume 23, no 1 pp.1 – 13.

2008                ‘Anti-Memorials and the Art of Forgetting: Critical Reflections on a Memorial Design Practice,’Public History Review, volume 15, no 1 pp.61-76.

2008                Hudson, Chris and Ware, SueAnne, ‘Breakfast with the Orangutans: Art and Species Survival in Borneo’ Cultures of Sustainability Conference, RMIT University, September 2008.

2008                ‘Sandakan, Sabah: Mapping Monuments in Malaysia,’ Asian Studies Conference Japan, Tokyo Japan, pp.25-35. June 21-22, 2008.     

2007                Monacella, Rosalea and Ware, SueAnne, Fluctuating Borders: Memory and the Emergent, New Possibilities for International Borders Monacella, RMIT Press, Melbourne.

2007                ‘The Road-as-Shrine and other Anti-Memorials in Australia’, Roadside Memorials: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Conference, University of New England, Armadale, NSW pp. 48 - 70.

2006                ‘The Commonwealth versus Melbourne’s Public Space’ SAHANZ Conference Proceedings, Perth (October 2006)

2006                ‘Time, Ephemera, and Memory: An Australian Case Study’ International Federation of Landscape Architecture Conference Proceedings, Sydney, Australia,  pp. 78 – 92.

2005                ‘Memory Slips: Speculations in Australia Anti-Memorial Design’ CELA Conference Proceedings.  The University of Georgia,  Athens GA, pp. 48 -62.

2004                Social Infrastructure and Landscape Design (Book Chapter) in Mesh /Infrastructure Eds. Raxworthy, Julian and Blood, Jessica, RMIT Press, 2004 pp. 120-129.

2004                ‘The Nature of Design’,  AILA Conference Proceedings, Brisbane 2004,

2004                ‘The Road-as-Shrine: A Case Study in Design Process over Product’, Landscape Review, volume 9:1 pp.226-230.

2004                ‘Rethinking the Landscapes of Australian Public Memory’, Environmental Design Research Association Conference Proceedings, Albuquerque, New Mexico, pp. 69 - 75.

2004                ‘Contemporary Anti-Memorials and National Identity in the Victorian Landscape’, Colonial Post - Journal of Australian Studies, no. 81, 2004, pp.121-134.

2004                ‘Fluctuating Borders: Speculations about Memory and Emergence’, co-authored with Rosalea Monacella, SAHANZ Conference Proceedings, Melbourne 2004,  pp. 331-334.

2003                Representation, Generation, and Emancipation in Virtual Landscapes’  Landscape Review, August2003:8 (1) pp. 3 – 11.

2003                ‘The Ecology of Contemporary Landscape Design’, SAHANZ Conference Proceedings, The University of Sydney, Sydney,  pp. 338-343.

2003                ‘Contemporary Memorials: Ephemeral and Impermanent Installations in Australia’ International Conference on Historic Monuments and History, Savannah, Georgiapp. 108 - 130.

2002                LA_Boratory RMIT (Book Chapter) in Technique: Graduate Design Research at RMIT Landscape Architectures, Eds. Connolly, Peter and Van der Velde, ReneRMIT University Press, 2002 pp. 200-212.

2001                        ‘Contemporary Australian Design and the Anti-Memorials’, Australia    ICOMOS Conference (International Council on Monuments and Sites)  Adelaide University, Adelaide, Fall 2001 vol 12, pp. 56 - 72.

2001                ‘Racism by Design, The Cleve Gardens’ in Critiques of Built Works of Landscape Architecture, LSU School of Landscape Architecture, Baton Rouge, LA, pp. 23 - 30 .

2001                ‘Hybrids in Landscape’ MESH Conference, RMIT University, pp. 39 – 47.

2001                 ‘A Luddite Approach’ Virtuality in Landscape Architecture Conference Bernburg, Germany, Anhalt University pp.78 - 96.

2000                        ‘Silicon Luddite: A Virtual Landscapes Studio’Re-inventing Design Education Conference Curtin University of Technology, Perth December 2000 pp 381 – 386.

2000                ‘Honouring the Stolen Generation – a theoretical anti-memorial’ Landscape Review, 1999:5 (2) pp. 43-58


Professional Practice Publications and Exhibition Catalogues

2014                ‘The Strangely Familiar Gardens of Mt Penang’ Landscape Architecture Australia (forthcoming)

2013                ‘New Acton Precinct’ Landscape Architecture Australia (138): 22-28

2012                Post-Industrial Public: Auckland’s North Wharf Promenade, the Jellicoe Street Precinct and Silo ParkTopos 81: Water Landscapes (81): 12-24

2011                ‘Franklin Warf Improvements’ Landscape Architecture Australia (131): 36-40

2009                ‘The Thickened Edge: St Kilda Foreshore Promenade’ Scape: The International Magazine for LandscapeArchitecture and Urbanism (2): 72-75.

2009               ‘Australian Peacekeeping Memorial’ Landscape Architecture Australia (123): 25-26

2009                ‘The UnLandscaped’ Landscape Architecture Australia (122): 19-26.

2009                Ware, SA, Stutterheim, C and Connolly, P ‘Robin Edmond’ Landscape Architecture Australia(122): 32.

2008                ‘Brett Milligan, an emerging practitioner’ Landscape Architecture Australia, no.119, Aug 2008: 63-64.

2008                ‘Shift: NZILA Conference 2008’ Landscape Architecture Australia, no.119, Aug 2008: 28.

2007                ‘The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award: Sculptured nature and naturalsculpture in the grounds of Werribee Park.’ Landscape Architecture Australia, no.114, May 2007: 66-67.

2007                ‘The SIEV X Memorial’ Landscape Architecture Australia, no.113, Feb 2007: 48-51.

2006                ‘Turn Left at Albuquerque: Questions about Landscape Urbanism on the Ground,’ KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 15, pp 56-64.

2005                ‘Whose Past?’ Landscape Australia, vol 27(2), Issue 106 May 2005 pp. 12-17.

2005                ‘Memory and Parks’ Landscape Australia, vol 26(1) Issue 105 March 2005, pp. 19-21.

2004                ‘Why Landscape’, KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 13, pp.22-25.

2004                ‘When Landscapes Mean Nothing’, Landscape Architecture Magazine, vol 7 July      

                        2004, pp. 23-28.

2004/2005     Finito, Landscape Architecture Final Year Exhibition Catalogue, Editor and author of various essays critiquing student work .

2003                ‘The New, Improved Yarra River’, KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 12, pp.22-25.

2003              Finito, Landscape Architecture Final Year Exhibition Catalogue, Editor and author of various essays critiquing student work .

2002                ‘A Postcard from Mexico’, KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 11, pp.31 - 35.

2002              Finito, Landscape Architecture Final Year Exhibition Catalogue, Editor and author of various essays critiquing student work .

2001                     ‘ Reconciling this Place,’ Architecture Australia vol 90, no5 September / October pp 40-42.

2001                     ‘Jumping into the DEEP END,’ Architectural Review Spring 2001 pp 37 –41.

2001                ‘Critical Reflections on the (re)design of indigenous sites and community participation outcomes’ KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 10, pp.28 - 30.

2000                ‘Grimm: A Cemetery Studio (Part II)’ KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 8, pp.52 - 58.

2000                ‘Grimm: A Cemetery Studio (Part I)’ KERB The Journal of Landscape Architecture, Issue 7, pp.36 - 40.


Exhibitions, Comissions (Built Works) and Design Research Projects

2013                Revista Sarda, invited land art installation, Punta Rossa, Caprera Island, La Maddalena Archipelago Natural Park, curated by A. Piras.

2013               Ware, S. Bartkowicz, K. Howard, M. and Rogers, J. 2013, 'The Matter of Landscape:

                       Sustainable Design Strategies for RMIT City Campus', Australasian Campuses for

                       Sutainability (ACTS) Green Gown Awards, category finalist, Sydney, Australia.

2012                RAir Collection, invited work in group show, ‘X-field: Neighboring Effect’ in  Gallery Factory, Seoul, curated by C. Jaewon & S. Helsel. (additional showings, CU SPACE Gallery(798) Beijing, China (2011) 45 Downstairs, Melbourne 2010)

2011                Ware, S. and Cullity, K.  'The Gift Armature Curated by City of Melbourne', 1200

Buildings Public Art Commission, The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

2011                Ware, S. Macfarlane, P. and McCarthy, N.  ‘Peace KeepingVeterans Memorial’ Commemorative Art Project Curated by Kevan Thomas City of Kingston, Australia

2011               Ware, S. Macfarlane, P. and Bryant, F.  'The Bench as an Armature for

Remembrance: Memorial for Staff in the City of Greater Dandenong' Melbourne, Australia

2009                Sunburnt: Australian Practices of Landscape Architecture, Gallery of Australian Design, Canberra ACT, curated by SA Ware and J Raxworthy. (Additional International showings: Auckland Gallery of Design, NZ(2010), UVA Thomas Jefferson Art and Design Gallery, USA (2010), the Royal Danish Design Museum (2011), and Delft University Centre for Contemporary Landscape.(2011)

2009                Eight Small Highs, Northcote High Views Exhibition, invited exhibition with A Mina, curated by S Calthorpe.

2009                Lunch with the Gnomeless, invited public installation in Victoria State of Design curated by F Watson.

2009                Polytactics in The Inaugural DRI Fire Design Challenge Exhibition in collaboration with N Bertram, D. Mainwaring, V Smith, L Harper, and J Beneyto-Ferre, at The Melbourne Museum curated by F Watson. Also exhibited at Unlimited: Designing for the Asia Pacific (Triennial) Brisbane, GOMA, QLD (October 2010) curated by F. Watson and E. McEwan.

2008                The Anti-memorial to Heroin Overdose Victims exhibited in The Shanghai Biennale, curated by B Allpress.

2008                ‘37 North’, in Connected Communities: film, 4 minutes. Melbourne, Australia: Urban Screens Festival, Federation Square, curated by M Struppek.

2008                ULCE 001: Urban Liveability Collective Exhibition, Design for the Everyday, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, curated by SA Ware.

2007-2008       The SIEV X Memorial, built work, Canberra ACT

2007                Noticing Melbourne in Strangely Familiar, invited group exhibition, SALA Gallery, Adelaide, South Australia curated by G Lee.

2007                Pillow Talk, Melbourne Fringe Festival, Melbourne, VIC curated by S. Calthorpe

2005                Turn Left at Albuquerque, University of New Mexico Architecture Gallery, Albuquerque, NM.

2005                Anti-memorials: Re-thinking the landscape of memory, ’PhD Exhibition, The Artery Gallery, Fitzory, Victoria

2004                The Road-as-Shrine project included in the 2004 State of Design Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum

2003                The Road-as-Shrine ,built work, Churchill Victoria

2002                Suburbia Revisited, Melbourne International Garden Show Exhibition

2002              An Anti-Memorial to Heroin Overdoses, Melbourne Festival Installation St Kilda, Victoria.

2001                Stolen Generations Memorial Competition, Melbourne Museum, Carlton Victoria, Exhibition Curator.



A c t i v i t i e s ,   H o n o u r s&  G r a n t s                                                                         

2013                OLT Shared Mastery, An innovative model for mobility in Design Education.

2011                ARC Discovery Grant, Design Practice Research: uncovering the role of spatial intelligence of designing and reviewing design of the built environment, with Prof Leon van schaik, Prof Geoffrey London, and Prof Collin Fudge.

2010                Excellence Award Research and Communication, Victorian Chapter, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects for The Sunburnt Exhibition

2010                Fellow, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

2010                Victorian Chapter of AILA, elective member of the State Executive Group, Awards Committee Chair

2010                Jury Convenor for The Un-Landscaped Competition, Landscape Australia, (2009 as well)

2010                Jury member, National Boer War Memorial Competition, Canberra

2009                Convener and Curator of AILA National Conference, April 2009

2009                Victoria University, NZ External Academic Program Reviewer (Landscape Architecture and Interior Design)

2009                The Japan Foundation Grant, &18,000, Sakamoto Exhibition, The Public Poetics.

2008                National Award for Design, The SIEV X memorial project, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

2008                ‘37 North’ (film) Urban Screens Festival, Melbourne October 3 – 8.

2007 –2009     Member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects National Council

2007                Design Excellence Award, Victorian Chapter, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects for The SIEV X memorial project

2006                DSC Portfolio Commendation for Emerging Research Supervision 2006

2004                Design Excellence Award, Victorian Chapter, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects for The Road-as-Shrine project

2003                UMAP Grant $18,000, Public Space in Mexico and Melbourne a Comparative study

2003                Victoria Chapter Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Design Awards Jury

2002                  National Award for Design Excellence, Anti- Memorial for Heroin Overdose Victims, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

2002                RMIT Research Innovation Award, An Anti- Memorial for Heroin Overdose Victims

2002                RMIT Undergraduate Research Opportunity Grant - $1400, Road-as-Shrine Project

2001                        Melbourne Festival Grant $30,000, Anti-Memorial to Heroin Overdose Victims

2001                Stolen Generations Memorial Competition (RMIT / Melbourne Museum / Link-Victoria ) Competition  Organiser and Chairperson

2001                Sydney Meyer Foundation Grant $10,000, Stolen Generations Memorial Competition

1997 - 2002     Victoria AILA State Design Awards Jury (2000 - 2001 Chairperson)



I n v i t e dS p e a k e r , C r i t i c,  &  W o r k s h o p s                                          

2013                Beijing, China Keynote Address ILIA Conference: Sunburnt Australian Practices of Landscape Architecture

2013                Aarhus, Denmark, Invited Lecture: The Anti-Memorial: Socially engaged practices of making memory

2013                            Malmo, Sweden (SLU Alnarp) Invited Lecture: Design Practice Research: Theoretical framing and Practical Examples from RMIT Melbourne

2013                Barcelona, Spain (ETSAB) Invited Design Workshop Leader ‘The Forest that ate Barcelona’

2013                ADAPTr- ITN Marie Curie Practice Research Symposium, Ghent Belgium ‘Differentiation Models and Tri-polarity: Complex positioning in Design Research

2013                European Masters in Landscape Architecture, Normandy Energy-scapes (student workshop team leader)

2012                Versailles, France (ENSP-V), Design Practice Research and Landscape Architectural Contributions

2012                Barcelona, Spain, International Landscape Biennale, Invite Panel Presenter: The Future of Landscape Architecture in a post boom, climate change fatigued world.

2012                European Masters in Landscape Architecture, Costa Brava Spain (student workshop team leader)

2010                ‘Post mortem, Memorials and Activism’, Affirmative Architecture Symposia, RMIT University

2010                ‘Landscape Architecture vs Landscape Urbanism: The Spatial consequences of Bio-Metrics”, International Conference on Landscape Architectural Education. Keynote Address. The University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, USA

2010                ‘When should Memorials die?’ Keynote lecture at the International Americans for the Arts Half-Century Summit, 50th Anniversary Annual Convention, Baltimore, MD.

2010                ‘Anti-memorials: Re-thinking the landscape of memory,’ Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Belgium inaugural EU_GRC Lecture Series

2010                ‘Design Activism, a Political, Spatial Practice’, Catholic University at Leuven, Belgium

2010                ‘Memorials, Meaning and the art of designing for Failure’, Delft University, Netherlands

2009                ‘Memorial Mania in Australia: The Geopolitics of Memory” International Conference on Monuments’ UNESCO Keynote speaker. University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI USA

2009                ‘What is Wrong with Plastic Trees: A Treaty on Public Space and Design’, Community Oriented Design Engagement Live Projects Symposia, invited concluding speaker, RMIT University.

2009                ‘Constructing Memory’, UNSW Lecture Series, Sydney, NSW

2009                ‘Memorial Practices in Asia’, Chongqing University, China

2008                ‘Fluctuating Borders; Australia and the USA’, invited lectures at University of Michigan, University of Virginia, University of California, Berkeley, The New School, San Diego, Colorado State University, Utah State University, University of Nevada Las Vegas, University of New Mexico, Harvard GSD, ITSEM, Monterrey, MX.

2008                Practice based Research and Reflectivity through Design Research, Victoria University Invited Lecture Series, Wellington, NZ

2008                Teaching and Researching Landscape Architecture in the Global South, University of Cape Town, South Africa

2008                The Public Poetics, master class and postgraduate seminar, University of South Australia

2006                Anti-Memorials: Cultural expression and practices in modern landscapes

                        QUT Dean’s Lecture Series

2006                Memorials and the Uncanny, University of Adelaide, Landscape Architecture Visiting Lecture Series & guest critic

2006                Public Art Colloquia, master class and postgraduate seminar, University of South Australia

2005                Landscape and Memory: The ephemera of place, UNM Northrop Lecture Series

2005                Anti-memorials: Re-thinking the landscape of memory, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, School of Natural Resources Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series.

2005                Australian Landscape and the Art of Memory, The University of California at Berkeley, Landscape Architecture Program Lecture series & guest critic

2005                Border Stories, Invited Guest Critic and Workshop Speaker, The University of California at Los Angeles, Architecture and Design Colloquia Series

2005                Australia and the USA, contested Borders, Utah State University, Dean’s Lecture Series

2005                Anti-Memorials and Post S11 Design Work, Pennsylvania State University, Deans Lecture Series & guest critic

2004                Why Memorials? , The University of Georgia, Postgraduate Seminar & studio critique

2004                Dry Places, The University of Nevada at Las Vegas, student design workshop and guest critic

2004                Mexican and Australian Memorial Landscapes, ITSEM –Monterrey, Mexico,  Presidente’ Lectura Passages e Architectura

2004                Seven Cities and Fluctuating Borders, Exhibition of Student Work and Seminar from UMAP project, RMIT University

2004                Roadside Memorials; a landscape of meaning, Meeting Place Regional Arts Conference, Ballarat, Victoria.

2004                Victoria Road Accident Trauma learning seminar, Invited speaker and participant

2004                Mildura Rural Community Youth Association, invited speaker and workshop participant

2003                Seven Cities: Seeing Mexico from the outside in, UDLAP – Puebla, Mexico, student workshop, design critic and organizer

2003                Fluctuating Border Workshop Mexico City, Mexico., Collaborative workshop with IBERO Mexico City, RMIT Melbourne, San Diego New School of Architecture, ESUA Guadalajara, TECM Mexico City, UDLAP Puebla.

2001                Indigenous Memorials and Design Competitions Indigenous Culture and Design Education Symposia (Invited speaker) Adelaide University 2001


P o s tG r a d u a t eS u p er v i s i o n                                            


Completed PhD Students (Research)

2013                            Perry Lethlean – ‘It’s Hard getting Messy When You’ re Compositional, Braided Pathways: A Practice Sustained by Difference

2013                            Kate Cullity – ‘More than Just Looking Good: Beauty, Aesthetics, and Care, Braided Pathways: A Practice Sustained by Difference

2013                            Anton James – ‘Exploring a Looping Path. A design art practice in landscape architecture’

2013                Thierry Kandjee – ‘Designing the Skeleton of /for Robust Landscapes’

2012                Judy Rogers – ‘Sustainable City: Challenging all that is’

2012                Khalila Binti – ‘Designing the Street Market: Unfolding the Local & the Global’

2011                Geoff Hogg – ‘Repeatable Shape’

2011                Yvette Dumergue – ‘Surface Imperfections: and the spaces in-between’

2011                 Gabriele Knueppel – ‘in|site: sensory and spatial coherence in interior architecture’

2010                Joanne Russell-Clarke – ‘Suburbs and the Architecture of Irony: Desiring, Designing and Delivering Utopia’

2010                Catherine Dung – ‘Public Space Combinations’

2009                Vivian Mitsogianni – ‘The White Noise Panorama’


MLA (Research Students)

2008                Chaya Bratoeva – ‘Designing for the Urban Void: non-plan, terrain vague, and landscape nothingness’

2007                Lingling Qiu – ‘The Unique Character of A Site – Central Plaza in Guangzhou, China’

2007                George Wright – ‘HYDROLOGICAL POLITICS & CULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE - The Landscape of Common Sense’

2006                Scott Adams – ‘Time and emergence: designing the non-instant landscape’

2005                Tim O’Loan, ‘The Urban Yard: Emergent Inner-urban Open Space’

2004                Cesar Torres ‘Metapark’

2004                Patrick Franklin, ‘On the Margins’

2003                Shree Shaw, ‘Heartline Riverfront Development’

2003                Jo Russel-Clarke, ‘Casket Creek’

2002                Josie Dujmovic, ‘Refiguring Memory’